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Ruifeng Traders Hotel

Address:Huozhou Kaiyuan Street East of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China


Ruifeng Traders Hotel is the New District of Huozhou city only a business type hotel, the enjoyment of astral class guesthouse, ordinary hotel price, Ruifeng Traders Hotel is located in the central business circle of Huozhou City, the most prosperous, Kaiyuan street near the City Hall, City Hall square, court, commercial street, the street road unobstructed, is near the Huozhou high-speed port and the city of Huozhou (East Station High-speed Rail station) recent Traders Hotel. Convenient transportation, travel convenience. Our hotel has its own parking spaces 50. Convenient for guests staying in our driving Ruifeng Traders Hotel. The warmth of home, Ruifeng accompany!View Details

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