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Thank You Inn Jizhou Yingbin

Address:at the Intersection of Yingbin Main Street and Xindu Road


Spent is guest best shortcut hotel (jizhou welcome shop) is located in hengshui jizhou yingbin avenue and letter hongda trade city adjacent road intersection, close to China post, China petrochemical, hongda trade city, is located in the main position, 1 km within the scope of a hualian supermarket, shopping places, home appliances, beauty supermarkets, lakeside park distance of 900 meters, the surrounding factories, enterprises, traffic is very big, 2 minutes to reach the hengshui lake lake park, 20 minutes to hengshui lake wetland nature reserve, zhumadian city have the northern plains of the rare freshwater lake, with a total area of 75 square kilometers, in hebei province has been approved as a provincial wetland reserve, travel is very convenient, location is extremely advantageous. JiZhou now is a county-level city of hengshui city, hebei province, located in the central and southern hebei province, located in the hinterland of the north China plain, FuYang river through the city. The north is 300 km from Beijing, west of hebei provincial capital shijiazhuang, 110 kilometers, the jurisdiction area of 918 square kilometers. JiZhou in ancient times is one of the ancient kyushu, has a long history, the han dynasty, became the administrative area place name, is one of the 13 secretariat department. Hotel opening time to July 2013, the main building of four floors, the total number of 53 rooms (sets). The warm prompt 】 1, the hotel can not receive foreign guests;View Details

Rui Xi Business Hotel-Jizhou

Address:No. 56 Jixin East Road, Jizhou, Hengshui, China


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Youhao Business Hotel

Address:No. 2 Sanlizhuang Business Building, Xinghua North Street, Jizhou County, Hengshui, China

Area:   jizhou

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